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Professionalism, efficiency, loyalty

“Duţescu & Partners” House of Law has a modern mentality that sets us aside from the other Romanian law firms, We specialize in: securities-stock exchange, commercial and corporate law, intellectual property, public procurement, constructions.

As lawyers specializing in consulting and litigation in commercial law and capital markets we have helped to launch the most important issues and the initiation of substantial legal approaches that have dominated this area in the last period, the requirement that public tenders for indirect takeovers, getting regulated market status Rasdaq market, by judicial recognition of specific regulations applying Rasdaq regulated markets, eliminating threshold ownership to the Financial Investment Companies, the definition of unequivocal jurisprudence in relation to stock market manipulation, etc.

Our lawyers achievements in intellectual property law, give a special dimension to our company's activity.

We believe that high theoretical and practical training and specialization is the key to success in our field and also, how best to meet our customers.